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The problem point of food problems

What is the problem of food problems which has many causes?
Although each cause and back ground has problems, which seem to be beyond control, there are two problem points of food problems.
They are, the problem of “distribution” of foodstuffs which currently becomes something of a problem, and the problem of “the balance of production and consumption” which will be a problem in the future.
Here, we explain of them.

First, the problem of “distribution” of foodstuffs.
Currently, the total amount of cereal crops in the world is more than the amount of consumption of 7 billion people.
However, there are many people annoying about obese, on the other hand, there are many people dying because of the shortage of foodstuffs.

So, we thought that there is a problem on the way of distribution of foodstuffs.

But, it’s no use distributing foodstuffs equally.
In the world, there are people living on rice, people living on wheat, or people living on cereal crops like corns.

And there are sometimes gaps of economy between countries, or the difference of production because of the environment.

In short, the problem of “distribution” is not “to distribute equally” but “to think how to feed people in the world with no shortage”

And “the balance of production and consumption” of foodstuffs is also a problem. On Oct 31st 2011, the world population grows up to 7 billion.
So, if the world population grows up in current pace, the amount of cproduction of cereal crops is said to be unable to catch up with the population in the future.

Already there are many starving people from the first problem, on the top of this, if the balance of demand and supply, much more people will suffer from hunger.
In the end, these two problem points are connected “present problem” and “future problem” by time.

HOMELearningLet’s see about “food problems”Food problemsThe problem point of food problems
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