Reason 1 civil war

In Africa, people had been suffered from a civil war in each place until not long ago.

Speaking of civil war related to starving, Nigerian Civil War is given.
In Nigeria Civil War, more than 1.5 million of Igbo people are killed.

It is noteworthy that the reason so many people died in this war is not only bloodshed.
Illness from hunger and malnutrition is also a big reason.
At that time, the image of emaciated children with nothing but skin and bone was reported and came as a shock all over the world.

After that, “Biafra” and “starving” has been used as almost the same meaning.

What is the reason people in Biafra were starving?
Because enemy army environed Biafra and interrupt food supply.

Let’s look at another civil war.
Sierra Leonean civil war is also related with agriculture.

This civil war had lasted for about 10 years, so farming land in Sierra Leone all gone to seed.
To top it all, antigovernment people cut down villagers’ wrist in order to make it impossible to do farm work.
It ranged to even children.

As a result, the villagers became physically handicapped, arming land all went to seed, and they couldn’t gather themselves up their agriculture.
So, they can’t provide food for all citizens and base of food production broke up.

Food problems can be caused by wars.

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