Reason 2 drought

Once drought happens, agriculture, the base of foodstuffs, is damaged heavily.

Let’s look at a concrete example.
In 2005, a drought happened in Malawi in South Africa in 2005.
At that time, corn, principal diet in the area, had been damaged seriously.

They could gathered corn only about 40% of their necessity.

So, many starving children being short of nourishment were carried to hospitals.
Finally, not negligible children died for breakdown.

And finally, East African Big Dry, which is called “the most serious drought in the last 60 years, in 2011.
This has been affecting until today. (as of 2011.11)

Because of this drought, 12 million people in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya has been suffering from starving and having a hard life.

In July 20, UN declared that people are suffering from starving in two parts of South Somalia officially.
And in July 27, WFP(World Food Programme) announced that they had started airfreight of foodstuffs.

Starving from drought is difficult to be solved by only home county, so global cooperation and aid is important.

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