What is starving?

“starvation state” means “the situation being short of foodstuffs needed to live or sustenance has been lasting for long”. On this planet, currently, the number of people being “starvation state” is said to be about 850 million.

The world population is about 7 billion currently, and it is predicted to be above 9 billion.
People can provide foodstuffs to no more than 8 billion people, so in 2045, more 150 million people will suffer from starving.

If this goes on, 34 years from now 2011, about 1 billion people, eight times as much as the population of Japan (130 million people), will be suffering from starving.
Even today, about 15 million people are dying because of starving each year.

In sum, one person dies because of the hunger per second.
Worldwide, countries which have many starving people are located in developing countries in Southern Hemispheric, especially in South Africa.

So, why does starving happen? Because are we short of foodstuffs?
Of course that’s right, but 80% of starving children are living in countries where provide extra food.
Starving is related to “Inequality of social” a lot, so only doing food aid can’t be a final solution.
Incidentally, the situation foodstuffs extremely become insufficient is called famine.

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