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Hunger and lack of nutrition

Currently, there are about 8 billion of starving people in the world.
They are always short of alimentation.
They can hardly get even the minimum amount of food to survive.

On the other hand, there are obese people in developed countries such as the West.
And they are trying to lose weight spending lots of ambitions and money after calorific overload and fatting.
Like us, when we don’t have shortage of food, we tend to require dainty and good food.

Yet, although we are gathering foodstuffs from all over the world, we throw away so much foodstuffs.
Considering people suffering from starving due to lack of nutrition and people worrying about adiposeness are in the same world, are we really short of foodstuffs in the world?

Let’s look at concrete figure.
The total output of cereal crops is about 2 billion ton, so there are about 290kg cereal crops per person.
But in fact, there is a big difference between developed countries and developing countries, this includes cereal crops for feed for barn animals, so many people in developing countries are suffering from starving.
This can be a food problems which the difference between developed countries and developing countries has.

HOMELearningLet’s see about “food problems”Starving problemsHunger and lack of nutrition
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