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Recycling system of garbage

We went to a local supermarket and heard a story about garbage disposition. We also learned about "compost recycles", making fully-ripened fertilizer.
On this page, we explain about the recycling system.

Fully-ripened fertilizer means organic fertilizer which underwent its fermentation process. It doesn't smell and suitability for gardening.
Here, let's learn the process from garbage to fully-ripened fertilizer.

@Generation of garbage
Garbage is mainly generated from parts of fish, vegetable, gristle, seashell, cooked food waste, and unsold food.

Asegregation, draining
They remove metal such as knives and spoon, and plastic from garbage. And dehydrate in order to ferment easily.

BDesiccation treatment with machine
They ferment garbage with dehydrating and compressed to 80% with the help of the machine.

CTemporary storage
They store garbage in a special case. They can store for a long time.

DCarried to a factory

EAdding nutrient, fermentation, maturity
They add three major components of organic fertilizer (nitrogen, phosphoric acid, and potash), which encourages fermentation.

FCompletion of fully-ripened fertilizer
After 3~6 months, garbage absolutely ferments to be fully-ripened fertilizer. Fully-ripened fertilizer doesn't smell.

We recycle garbage in this way.
We thank staffs in the supermarket very much for their cooperation.

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