HOMELearningLet’s see about “food problems”The relation to population problemsFood crisis and the growth of population
Food crisis and the growth of population

Behind food problem is the population problem.
When the population increases, the consumption of foodstuffs increases.

Currently, the world population is 7 billion, and it is estimated to reach 8 billion in 2025, and will be over 9 billion by 2050.
However, the greatest amount of foodstuffs production can feed only 8 billion people.
If this goes on, we are going to be short of foodstuffs for 1 billion people by 2045.

What’s worse, recently, the amount of people who are satiated with foodstuffs is increasing.
“The amount of consumption” is increasing, “the quality of food” is improving, and the consumption of meat has been increasing, we will be rapidly running short of foodstuffs.

If the balance of demand versus supply falls, we are heading for food crisis.
“Food crisis” means “obvious lack of foodstuffs, triggers social disruption”
As a result, the growth of population in developing countries, such as India and China, and changing dietary habit based on economic growth are feared. The richer economy becomes, the richer foodstuffs people seek.

So, what does “lack of foodstuffs bring social disruption” concretely mean? When we are hungry, we are irritated.
By the same token, when a deficiency of foodstuffs happens or people have difficulty of getting foodstuffs because of sharply runaway growth, they feel frustrated.
Finally, the frustration reach the limit, and it causes a conflict.

Democratization revolution, like the collapse of the regime of Mubarak in Egypt, which had lasted for 30 years, is a good example.
The cause of this democratization revolution is the runaway growth of foodstuffs as well as high jobless rates and economic differentiation.
Now, therefore, even wars can be caused by “food crisis” because of the growth of population.


developing countries
Developing courntries are countries which are having economically rapidly-growth such as India, China.

the regime of Mubarak
The regime of Mubarak is a regime of Egypt, which had been lasted since 1981, and collapsed in 2011 because of Egyptian Revolution

・(Egyptian Revolution
Egyptian Revolution is the massive antigovernment demonstration boiled up from home and abroad in Egypt since January 2011.

HOMELearningLet’s see about “food problems”The relation to population problemsFood crisis and the growth of population
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