The effect of cereal crops

About 20 ton of cereal crops are currently grown in the world. This can be the amount of foodstuffs for about 1.4 billion people.
But, there are many buyers who wants them to be “livestock feed” in exchange, so the price of the cereal crops increases and people in poor countries cannot afford to buy.
As a result, people in poor countries are suffering from hunger.

And recently, cereal crops have been taken the stage of energy-side.
The famous one is “Bioethanol”, which is made from corns.
Bioethanol is a kind of alcohol which is made from ferment of plant-derived capital like corns.

In recent years, the output of Bioethanol has been increased rapidly, and distribute of edible use corn has been influenced.
In short, most of foodstuff are used for barn animals in developed countries and energy, so they are not taken into poor people.
“Bioethanol” is invented for the countermeasure of global warming, but it turned to a problem on foodstuff side.

Energy problem, what is more, the environmental problem is related to food problems.

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