Meat-eating and food problem

As some people are starving because of the food shortage, some people say “So, wouldn’t we rather enlarge the amount of foodstuffs?”
But, can we actually enlarge the amount of foodstuffs?

Currently, 40% of the farming lands already became depleted.
The crop acreage of the cereal crops had increased to 732 million hectare at one time, but decreased to 656 million hectare in 2000.

And yet, the research development of epochal foodstuff production hike has not been appealing.
From these, it’s difficult to increase the amount of production from now.

What is even worse, as a result of the growth of the world population each year, the inventory days of cereal crops in the world has been decreasing.
And despite the fact that the amount of cereal production increased about three times between 1950 and 2000, the amount of that per person decreased about 11%.

The increased amount of production and consumption of edible meat gives food shortage burst of momentum.
The amount of consumption has increased three times from 24 million ton to 65 million ton for the last 50 years.

Eating meat means to eat cereal crops eaten by burn animals at second hand.
The average amount of American people’s consumption of cereal crops is 800kg per year, but more than four fifth is indirect consumption.

For comparison, using American bog-standard dietary habit as the base, only 2.6 billion people can eat with 6.9 billion people.


crop acreage
the area where crops are planted in arable lands

inventory day
the length goods for selling had been in a company from arrival to shipping

indirect consumption
to providing cereal crops for cows, pigs, and chickens and to eat them

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