The import of shrimp

Japan is “consumer of shrimp” which imports one third of the shrimp in the world.

Currently, 85% of all shrimps in Japan is imported, but until the middle of 1950s, shrimps in Japan were made in Japan.
And about 1970, Japan came to import about 60% of shrimps.

In many parts of Asia, cultivating shrimps for Japan is active, they cut down many mangrove forests in South-eastern Asia and grow a lot of shrimps.

But many problems such as land sinking from pumping up groundwater, environment pollution from using agrichemical, shortage of fish which is eaten by local people happens for growing shrimps to be eaten by us Japanese.

In short, natures in exporting countries are destroyed in order to serve delicious shrimps for us.

Of all aquatic products which Japan imports, the importing amount of shrimps is the 1st in recent years.
Although consumption in Japan is decreasing, shrimps are still the most popular fishery product in Japan.

On importing, we have to consider the environment in exporting countries.

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