Japanese activities

Although big food problems such as food hunger has never happened in Japan, but there are some problems such as the low food self-sufficiency and relying on import.

So MAFF (Ministry of Agricultural, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan) is consulting on many things and setting a goal to agricultural activation and balanced food supply.

For example, the institution of guarantee of food security is one of them.
The institution of guarantee of food security is a institution for the situation when food supply is influenced.
In order to ensure food supply and to be able to act quickly, they are preparing on a routine basis.

Japanese insurance of food security is set up by Food, Agriculture and Rural Areas Basic Act.
For a crisis, this law lays on a order to food security and talking necessary answer.

On MAFF homepage, there is detailed information about food security.

And there is ODA activities.
A part of Japanese ODA is fitting out agricultural infrastructure in order to dice away poverty and food hunger in developing countries.

They fulfills a role on betterment of food problems.


ODAOfficial Development Assistance
aid and capital injection for developing countries for international contribution

agricultural infrastructure
infrastructure for agriculture, and the base of economy and production. Cooperation by base of funds and technique

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