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China and agricultural problems

China has “Three agricultural problems”, including “agriculture”, “farmers”, and “rural”.
“Three agricultural problems” is one of the Chinese social problems and includes economic differentiation and fluid population.
If there are some problems in agriculture, which can be the base of food, some problems would happen in foodstuffs by definition.
Now, let’s think about the base of food along concrete examples.

The essence of “Three agricultural problems” is said to be ”Farmer problems” no less.
Mainly, there is a great differential between rural and city, so the cause is the shortage of farmer’s income.
And, the differential of life is also said to be a cause.

Let’s follow the thought.
China, which used to be a developing country, developed cities by policy for economic growth to bring down crop’s price and obtain achievement of working from rural directly.
And only cities has developed, which created economic differentiation between rural and cities.

The rate of after-tax income of farmers and citizen of cities has been expanding from 2.5 to 3.5 since 1998.
In China, 70% of all 1.3 billion people, so most of the nation, lives in rural.
If there is so much economic differentiation like this, farmers, most of the nation, will not really buy things, consumption will not improve, and economic growth become difficult.

But, if this differential is fixed, there would be another problem.
Global competitiveness of crops will fall.
What supports global competitiveness of Chinese crops is the cheap of the labor-cost from differential.
China changed its policy to liberate buying and selling of cereal crops in order to support farmers directly.

From now on, this problem of food based, which feeds into economic and agriculture, should be closely watched in the future.

HOMELearningLet’s see about “food problems”World food problemsChina and agricultural problems
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