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Things to do at the government level

Things to do at the government level, these are things the individuals can't do but whole country can do to solve food problems. The amount of food abolishment is very much, especially "leftover food" and "loss of food". We FOODRANGER thought the amount of food abolishment should be solved first.

Concretely, we thought that "recommending dooggy bags" is appropriate. In America, it is no wonder to take your leftover at the restaurant. Leftover foods are naturally thrown away at the restaurant, but if customers take it, the restaurants shouldn't throw away. We took notice of it.

So, why "recommending dooggy bags" at the government level? Because "dooggy bags" aren't common in Japan. For individuals, it is difficult to say. What's more, many restaurants don't take notice. Because of this, we can't use dooggy bags well. So we thought that the government should recommend "Dooggy bags" in order to establish a common system of "dooggy bags".

Like the figure, we can reduce loss of food if we promote "dooggy bags" as a whole. There are some countries where people use "dooggy bags" for granted, so it might be unable if people change their consciousness. Don't you think it should be recommended at the government level?

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