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Let’s see about “food problems”
Food problem
The cause of food problems
The problem point of food problems
Runaway growth of foodstuffs
Starvation problems
What is starving?
The cause of food hunger
Hunger and lack of nutrition
Food throwing away
About loss of food
Foodstuff abolishment and self-sufficient rate of Japan
Recycling system of garbage
The relations of population problem
The population explosion and food problems
Food crisis and growth of population
The relations with agricultural problems
Agricultural problem and food problems
The effect of cereal crops
Mass imports of cereal crops
Water poverty and food production
Relations of meat-dietary
Meat-eating and food problems
Cereal crops eaten at second remove
Japanese food problems
Food self-sufficiency and import dependence
The import of shrimp
Import of tuna
Japanese activity
World food problems
Africa and food problems
Reason 1 civil war
Reason 2 drought
Reason 3 plantation farming and economic globalization
China and Agricultural problem
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Let's think the position of the food problem (PDF)
Let’s enter some words! (PDF)
Word catalog (PDF)
Let's discuss about TPP! (PDF)
The position of the food problem thought by FOODRANGER. (PDF)
Let's make your own wisdom! (WORD)
Let's make your own vocabulary. (WORD)

"About TPP"
"Solitary Meal"
"Food Miles"
Things to do at the government level
Things the individuals can do
Things junior and senior high school students can do


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