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Beer is the drink which wheat was fermented made.

How to make beer?

First of all,The barley of materials is dipped in water. And growth of that is prevented and make malt.Next Malt is changed into powder.
The hot water of submaterials is added to it. And starch is changed into sugar and the liquid of liquefied sugar is made. This is filtered. Hop is added to it.It is boiled.
Hop makes the bitter taste of beer.All enzyme is then destroyed. These are filtered and cooled.
Yeast of the cultivated beer is added to it. And it is made to ferment.
Then, beer is made. The beer is moved to a tank and it ripes.And beer will be done if it filters. It is beer.

What is the bubble of beer?

Beer makes us remember a bubble. Do you understand this bubble for some?
This bubble is a collection of the air bubbles which the protein of malt made. Bitter taste is felt strong.

Is growing fat if beer is drunk true?

Have you heard "It will grow fat if beer is drunk"? The calorie of beer is not high.The cause of growing fat is an effect which increases the appetite of beer.