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What is cheese?

Cheese is one of the deep relation in fermented foods.International Dairy Federation says"Milk is mixed and hardened. Then, water is thrown away.And the portion which is not liquefied is made. " The origin of cheese is Central Asia of 6500 years or more ago.

There is two kinds of cheese.

You have often seen two kinds of cheese in the supermarket. Two kinds of cheese is different.
Natural cheese
It is milk serum was removed and it riped. There is 800 or more kinds of cheese in the world. There is much flavor and palatable.
Process cheese
Process cheese appeared, when the 20th century started. Natural cheese is ground heats made to emulsify. In brief natural cheese is pure blood and process cheese is a mixed breed.

How to make cheese?

The lactic acid bacteria called starer are added to milk.And it is made to ferment.Then, it is added to rennet.Protein will become hard. Milk serum is removed from there.It is cheese. The process is common.However, there are some different places.I cannot explain all.It divides into seven kinds.And it explains.

Cheese has many kinds

Cheese can be divided into seven kinds.
Fresh type
This cheese does not ripe.Yogurt is resembled.However, it is different.Many moisture is contained from ordinary cheese.It is a origin of cream cheese. The main kinds cheese Cuttage, mozzarella, ricotta, Boursault, fromage blanc etc.
White mold type
White mold covers the surface of cheese.It is cheese easy to eat. The main kinds cheese Camembert, Coulommiers, capricciodue, Baraka etc.
Blue mold type
It says blue cheese. It makes like white mold cheese. The main kinds cheese Blue, Gorgonzola, Stilton, Roquefort etc.
Washed type
When ripe cheese, salt water and so on are sprayed on the surface of cheese. This cheese is soft. The main kinds cheese epowas, Mondor, Munster
Chevre type
This cheese made from the milk of a goat. This cheese is dried comparatively. The main kinds cheese Saintes mall, varance
Semi hard type
It is most visible to cheese. Milk is hardened.The card is cut.It puts into a frame.Pressure is put. And it ripes. The main kinds cheese Gouda, mimolette, raclette etc.
Hard type
Pressure stronger than semi hard type cheese.And made it.

Cheese is a source of energy.

What is the ingredient of cheese? Fat and protein are contained in cheese 20%~30%.Fat and protein are condensed when making cheese.It becomes easy to take fat and protein into the our. And it becomes the energy of our.

Cheese of the source of nutrition

Cheese also becomes nutrition. Many nutrition is taken in when fermenting.Cheese contains much nutrition in others. Cheese is wonderful. Didn't you?