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The meaning of Fermentation

In a broad sense an (ordinary meaning)

It is a reaction of organic matter being resolved by a microbe.
Only the good things for humans are called "Fermentation" and the bad things are called "decay".

In a narrow sense (a techunical meaning)

Fermentation is a reaction in which carbhydrates are broken down into microbe without oxggen.
NADH make from oxidized substrate are oxidized and reproduced as NAD+

A typical Fermentation

Lactic acid fermentation Resolving Glucose into two molecular lactic acids is called lactic acid bacterium. Lactic acid fermentation can be divided into homozygote and hetero. In homozygote, only lactic acid is synthesized from sugar. The other is synthesized from ethanol and carbon dioxide gas as well.

Form of fermentation

Alcohol fermentation