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What is Miso?

Miso is the food of a half-solid that soybean, rice, wheat, and salt are made.Miso is one of our familiar fermented foods. There is much language about bean paste in Japanese.I guess that it is related to bean paste and Japanese.

The place where Miso is made

The area which makes Miso affects the quality of bean paste.

How to make Miso and the kind of bean paste

Microbes work at the time of making miso is so many ways of working is also very difficult.
Making koji miso begins the same as making sake. So planting the Aspergillus koji room above 30 ℃ in First steamed rice and wheat to make the construction.
This reduces the growth of yeast bacteria is maintained at a temperature of about 37 ℃. The next task called charged, it stops the growth of Aspergillus oryzae by mixing salt and yeast.
In addition to feeding is also salt-tolerant yeast and lactic acid fermentation of miso required. Lets aged 40-180 made a couple of days main fermenting mash into the fermentation tank and it.
During preparation, the rice and wheat have become much more of a sweet miso, soy is the frequent miso taste often. In addition, there are various kinds miso as written above.
I would like to introduce this kind of makes a difference or why the colors taste of it all. .

Miso flavor characteristics of the different color

Color differences are born with brown reaction by varying the chemical foods and sugars and amino acids of proteins called the Maillard reaction occurs during the fermentation.
Maillard reaction in this way, and became part of the ear brown bread, coffee, color, burnt steak, which is going to react in a variety of foods familiar to us.
Red Miso
Red bean paste made kozi. Many kome-kozi oe mame-kozi used for it.It is made to have riped for a long time.Therefore, there is much salt and it is substantial. And they said "edomae-miso""sendai-miso"
Light color Miso
Many light color bean paste is sold.
White Miso
Maillard reaction is not used when making white miso. So,it color change white.It said "kyoto-miso"

Does soy sauce differ from Miso?

Why is it possible to make what is different even if it uses the same materials?

Soy sauce and Miso

Miso makes kozi adhere when make. So, Miso contains many starch or many Protein.Soy sauce is made of amino acid. Miso boils crushes steams a soybean and it ferments it together with salt and kozi. But,finally soy sauce squeezes moromi.How to make is different. And the taste also differs from a shape.