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What is Liquor?

Wine and drink is made by making a sugar alcohol by alcoholic fermentation of yeast. It has been so loved by people from ancient times is said that no culture is more rare as the representative of fermented liquor.

Country's agricultural and wine

The wine is made in the country has strong relations with the country's agricultural products. East Asian countries including Japan are made in rice, wheat in Europe, a famous producer of whiskey and beer made by distilling it. In France, local products are also made of grapes and wine.

Japanese, Chinese are sensitive to alcohol?

In Japanese and Chinese people are not drink alcohol at all but about a few percent? It once had a property that is not capable of degrading alcohol as part of the Mongolian came over to Japan from the continent. However, people of African descent and whites are not in this condition, all the liquor is strong. Build your own liquor law violations? Read this item and build your own sake! I thought people might have, please wait. It is against the law! In Japan, for making a drink that contains more than 1% of alcohol by law, the Liquor Tax Law is prohibited. When you create if you can apply and get approved if you build 60 km of 6 liters per year. People who really make the drink So let's create more than 60 gallons of beer per year.