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What is wine?

The wines produced by fermenting grapes are said to be the very first drink made by mankind.
The grapes are the raw material If you are attached because the original yeast, which can result in causing the fermentation liquor is now also because it contains more sugar for the yeast to increase further.

How to make wine?

How to make wine with white wine and red wine is different. The red color is the color of grape skins.
In addition, raw wine grapes to use, since it changes the taste quality of the quality of grapes and yeast, sake and has a different difficulty.
Process of the red
The fermented juice and peel in a fermentation tank to remove the stems of the grapes to produce a red wine red.
In this case, it extracts the ingredients and press down so as to settle the dye in the solution to peel.
Wine fermentation has finished and been narrowed down to complete the reds are aged in oak barrels are then fermented again.
Method of producing white wines
First remove the stems of the grapes.
At the same time breaking the skin and send it to the milking machine.
At first, pouring juice is naturally not write the pressure, senior wine is made with just this.
Fermentation at 15 ~ 20 ℃ slowly adding yeast to the juice was then able to squeeze.
The fermentation of sweet time here determines the dry. Wine has finished fermentation and filtration, and the aged in oak barrels.
Not only white grapes white wine is made from black grapes also.
However, to prevent skin contact and juice to get rid of the red pigment.

And good old wine?

Ten years ago, wines and wine of more than 30 years ago. Wine is as good as people think and I think many old.
However, that can withstand the aging of wine for a long time is minimal, is to change due to harvest good quality grapes in the wine made in the year made it even more.
So it may be older. It is not intended.