The results were obtained that it is easy to understand and easy to relatively predictable from this questionnaire . An analysis from the first science , students who answer math is good in the entire school year is 30 percent , Trend relatively large 43% was seen in the whole science . When compared with men and women among the science , in the case of language , it goes in the order of men's women's Difference came out big 9% , 19% . Even in the case of English , the difference came out nearly double the 5% , and 12% . From the above , The men and women of science in science selection who prefer girls also good at mathematics , I've found that students humanities subjects languages ​​, such as English are good in many cases. Next, is the liberal arts . People that specializes in humanities subjects language , society , English is often seen also in the humanities selector first . The good people of the national language was 20% as a whole , but it is the percentage of 37% Looking at the only liberal arts . At the same number of people is less overwhelming in science and mathematics in contrast , is not seen only slightly from 7% When you focus on mathematics . In addition, it is only in relation to society , but the difference appeared 29% male , 22 % for girls . Thus from the above , While math science is weak , humanities subjects English language society is good as compared to the liberal arts science chooser I can and analysis .