Relationship of favorite color and favorite dish

The first is the consideration from the Japanese . While it is small compared with the entire Among those who prefer the Japanese, Tend to prefer the white . If you like Japanese food But 7% as a whole was 13% . Then it is Western , but should not be seen trend was mainly , correlation with those who prefer a slightly red is seen . Is about fast food . There may be some impact of the lack of data, but the ratio of those who prefer the white and yellow is strangely low . In the case of white , there are 7% overall but the proportion of only those who prefer fast food and 3% Numerical value of the product is low since more . Point that stood out Chinese food in the end , is the tendency of the people prefer black . People prefer black is 15% on the whole , but a strong trend up to 30% was observed in those who like Chinese food . From the above discussion , The data distribution difference is hard to appear as a whole , it was small as a trend . Among them , when analyzed in detail , Trend of Japanese white Western ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ red Chinese black is strong , People tend to prefer fast food prefer white and yellow low odd I was able to analyze it .