BIGDATA and influenza

 It is 2009 that new influenza was found. The H1N1 type virus which a virus of bird flu and the swine flu was combined, and was made spread over the world in an instant, and Public Health Bureau of each country increased a sense of impending crisis for the arrival of pandemic (world rage). However, I do it so as to delay expansion of the infection without vaccine to a new virus and am not considerably precocious, but therefore must locate the place to stay of the virus. But, because it was late as a 1~2 day that the infection patient went to the hospital, degree was late for 1~2 week, and it was fatal for Public Health Bureau that a report of new influenza arrived to an American medical institution.

 Meanwhile, in fact, an engineer of Google announced the notable article in science magazine "nature" several weeks when new influenza enlivened media ago. As for it, Google predicted an outbreak of influenza of the United States how and, besides, a local unit much less the country, was explained whether you identified it until the fashion by the state unit.

 At first I only watched the use frequency of each search word and the yes or no of the correlation with the time space-like expanse of the influenza infection with the method. Google analyzed a search word with the enormous numerical formula models who amounted to 450 million in total and weighed a case of real influenza in 2008 and a prediction of Google. Therefore a high correlation was seen in Google between a prediction of Google and official data when I combined a certain numerical formula model with 45 specific search words. In other words Google used "the big data" whereas the public sanitation authorities used the information of medical institutions such as the inspection to gather a mucous membrane with a cotton swab. In this way, I utilize information by a novel method, and the BIC data can produce new knowledge and valuable product, services.