BIGDATA and sports

 It may be said that sports and the big data affect it closely as it became famous that Manager Manabe of the all-Japan girl valley team hits the instructions using iPad last year.

 There is data analyst as a central figure of such a "victory of the data valley". The data analyst codes the exchange of a busy play during a game one by one in space of scouting (statistics seat) close to the court. This has already become the global standards. And I drive data into the analysis software made in Italy and take analysis. At last a result of the analysis arrives in this way under iPad of Manager Manabe.

 In addition, it is said that the mean full time of the volleyball is generally two hours. However, I am told that, actually, a ball has time 1 at time not to work. Manager Manabe talks about the importance of the data analyst what is made at the time that I had free if it is a game and is important at all. In addition, what kind of; even if can analyze it, a play does not have an epoch-making meaning in a game in it at all if cannot keep it alive. Therefore Manager Manabe devises how to convey analysis. For example,

"We can take the set if we control it in 6% of cases performing a mistake among all attacks".
"It is two points with two points, the point given up with the block with the point given up by the mistake of the attack. I control it by 4 points given up in total with one set."

 Players became easy to be conscious immediately by doing it this way. I seem to sometimes devise it using allegories of various everyday life for a young player.
 In this way, in late years the making of team which utilized big data attracts attention in the sportsdom. I analyze a factor to cite the winning rate of the team as statistically and seem to decide appointment and the acquisition of the player based on the data which were not regarded as important for an evaluation index of the players till then such as an on-base average and slugging average, the batter's eye if I say by baseball.