BIGDATA and convenience store

 In the registers of the current convenience store, I merely drive a price and do not only make a total amount of money. I can get a thing such as "regular where a purchase rate does not entrust with the highest coffee as a product in the morning because the time of 7-9:00 has many men of 30-40 generations" by registering the age of the visitor, sex, a purchase product as data by analyzing data. This is a kind of big data, too.

 Lawson started the common reward card which was usable in other shops called "PONTA" in 2010. It was the analysis data, and Lawson resisted a young male customer, but a result that there was room for the reclamation as for the woman and the senior appeared. In Lawson, PONTA is used from there to have the class of visitors come to the store. Furthermore, PONTA is useful for the predictions of sales. Because there were many products in the shop of Lawson, it was said to judging quantity to order because it did not become absence of goods and overstorage that hard to please. However, by introduction of PONTA, I come to understand the product repeat rates of the visitor by data, too and am very useful.