BIGDATA and ethics

 In 2013 July, thorugh Sales of the data of passenger history of Suica, the privacy problem of big data became well-known in society.
 The "Hitachi traffic system IC card analytical information offer service" used as a problem, It was periodically said every month towards the company which mainly develops business centering on station area that the "station use circumstantial analysis report" which gathered the data of the use situation of the station obtained by analyzing the data of Suica by various classifications is offered.
 The company using service has grasped a scale, composition, etc. of a resident which make a near station the width of the draw of station area, or 集客層 and a potential sphere of business, a commuter belt, and station area, and utilizing to an opening-a-shop plan, location evaluation, advertisement / advertisement plan, etc. was assumed.
 However, on the network, the voice which is anxious about privacy was brought near to this service announcement.
 Since the information which specifies individuals, such as a name and an address, is anonymity-ized, a possibility of being against personal information protection law is low, but since there was no explanation to a user in advance, it is concluded that the voice to regard as questionable came out.
 Thus, since Japan does not still have the regulation or the system about the privacy of big data, when using big data, it is necessary to pay careful attention.