Electric field

Electric field means that space where voltage is applied.
It exists absolutely around the place where voltage is applied.

For example,connecting with an electric socket causes code voltage.

thus,It exists absolutely around the place where voltage is applied.

the Unit of voltage is kv/m or v/cm.

1 kv/m is equal to 10 v/cm.

Equations which are related to voltage

These equations are always filled in voltage.

Coulomb`s law

Cloulomb`s law is the equation that shows two things

One is rebounding between the particles which are clothed in same electrification.

The other is attraction between the particles which are clothed in different  electrification.

The equation that  means Coulomb`s law.
q1 and q2 express the multiplication of two electric charges.

This equation is discovered in 1785 by Charles-Augustin de Coulomb.

He invented A twist balance that can measure very small change and mesured using it.

His achievement is praised and his name became unit.

Maxwell`s equations

All in a world which are concernd with phenomenons about electricity and magnetism can be explained by these equations.

These equations mean Maxwell`s equations.

To be honest,these are too difficult to understand.

Thus,we explain easily.

hese equations show 4 things.

@An electric charge causes an electric field.

AThere is no source of a magnetic field.

BThe phenomenon of electromagnetic induction.

CThe change of an electric current or an electric field cause a magnetic field.

James Clerk Maxwell is a british physicist.

He established Maxwell`s equations in 1864.

He is respected as a great scholar of electricity and magnetism.