Electric vehicle,Hybrid car

TOYOTA considers incorporating the technology of wireless electric supply in a car.

TOYOTA paid attention to the resonance system.

Even when the distance of the side thought to be the power transmission side is large, a resonance system acts.

When use in everyday life is taken into consideration, since it is more suitable than an electromagnetic induction type, it is thought that TOYOTA pays attention to resonance system.

The use of resonance phenomena

An electric field and a magnetic field occur by supplying electric power to the coil on the power transmission side.

Electric power is supplied when the coil of a receiving side is affected to change of a magnetic field.

But,it is very inefficient.

resonance phenomena are utilized.

It is important to coincide the frequency to which the coil of a receiving side reacts strongly the power transmission side.

By doing so, since the vibrational frequency of the magnetic field which occurred from the power transmission side, or an electric field is in agreement with the resonance frequency of the coil of a receiving side, the way (propagation path) to an electric power supply is formed, and supply is possible at high efficiency.

(共鳴=resonance,磁界=Magnetic field,電界=Electric field,送電側コイル=the coil on the power transmission side,受電側コイル=the coil of a receiving side)