About space solar power system

By installing the large-scale equipment for bringing sunlight together in the universe, the energy of sunlight is changed into microwave or laser beams, and it transmits to the earth.

Space solar power system makes electric power using this.

It was advocated for the first time by American doctor Peter Glaser in 1968.

In the 1990s, Japan and the United States began research positively.

This technology may be put in practical use by 2025.

There are various merits.
The stable electric power supply, the outstanding safety, etc. gentle to global environment, etc...

Structure of space solar power system

@To install the large-scale equipment which collects sunlight in space.

ATo build The receiving antenna for receiving microwave and laser beams on the ground.

BTo change sunlight energy into microwave or laser beams in the universe.

CThe large-scale equipment which sollects sunlight transmits towards a terrestrial receiving antenna.

In this way, transforms the electric power received with the receiving antenna, and transmits electricity.

(太陽光エネルギー=Sunlight energy,受信アンテナ=The receiving antenna,
マイクロ波=Microwave,集光装置=The equipment which sollects sunlight)