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■ Download and copyright

We are going to study about illegal download.
First, illegal download is act of download videos and music (sound files) that was downloaded with you know it is illegal (these are called pirated edition) .

It is illegal, so it violate a law, and what violate a law is “the Copyright Law”.

First, videos and music that is created someone, works for example texts, pictures, photographs and sculptures occurred copyright.
This artist, and individual and group that was entrusted rights by a artist are called copyright holder or person with rights.
And a works itself is called written work.
Copyright has rights of exhibiting written works on the Internet, and exhibiting it without permission for the copy holder is copyright infringement, that is illegal upload.

Many written works that is illegal uploaded, and above all downloading written works of videos and music is illegal download that explained a little while ago.

(Why is illegal download "illegal"?)

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