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Is the getting a job disadvantageous?
Comparison of Japan and the world
Aim at a rate of employment rise
Broaden your view!
The following describes "Aim at a rate of employment rise."

There was something as the gender gap index, I didn't know at all.
That's right. It's dangerous to say "I don't know." To know the country to say the serious situation now would become the driving force to advance problem solving.
Then a Japanese lady can keep working lengthily equally with a man, and how should it be done to give female employment rate?
The company even a lady tends to work where is increased! Even if I retire, I make it easy to get re-employed!
Childbearing and the environment that I tend to take care of are made! We are cooperative and get married to domesticities and the male who can take care of!
とも(TOMO) ゆう(YUU) ちい(TII) ひろ(HIRO)
That's good! Your "will" is important first! It'll be to consider the future accurately by oneself!
And an important thing is "the environment". Well, what kind of measure is the environment that you're surrounded taking for female employment rate UP?

Woman can work in the long run. "Life planning support"

What is life planning support?
Female request of how to work and support aiming at a lady closes a real gap and being able to take part in society for a lifetime now. It's "work life balance policy" as work environment making which arranges a work life balance, receives a lady who has various ambitions of how to work and enters that it's becoming important for it.

Work life balance…It's translated with "work and living harmonization", and "Even if a national individual works and achieves responsibility on the work as well as grows old in a household and an area life while having worth doing and a sense of fulfillment, various life-styles can be chosen and achieved according to each stage of the life such as child rearing periods and middle-aged and elderly periods." is meant.
- A government
Life planning support is supporting the promotion by which a lady is conscious formation about life planning so that a lady can know the various choices and a work life balance and notice a possibility of the oneself from young time.

- The regions
The labor employment department and Office for Gender Equality take charge and are doing female employment expansion, work by an enterprise and child rearing support compatible at each urban and rural prefectures and towns and villages.

- The enterprise and a university
"Gender equality promotion office" and "work life balance consultation room" "support planning section compatible" etc. are established by each university and an enterprise.
A student and a staff keep the harmony of the schoolwork, the work and the personal life, and it's being supported in order to live the substantial life an individual desires. The yes or no of support and the way are various. It's important often to examine what kind of support the school which would like to enter a school of higher grade and the company which would like to get a job are doing in advance.
We get "carrier education" of a vocational experience at school, too. "Life planning" is also a fact that, isn't it?

Expansion of a female business. "Positive action"

What is a positive action?
The enterprise which tries to stick to an idea from the Japanese past and cancel the difference which has formed between the lady and the man is independent, I wrestle, that and others, I say a system. A gender equality bureau of a female achievement promotion conference of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and the Cabinet Office is doing an approach to an enterprise and support by a government.

I touch over the match and a master of a positive action about "female employment expansion" and "female business expansion" here. This site "Let's increase woman administrators "which connects from there, please, it's explained conversantly.

There are various matches, aren't there? If it's this, the company a lady tends to work where is also increased and may the lady who would like to get a job and work increase, too?
Now when female social advancement has been more developed a lot than the past and the financial power of the lady are rising. Therefore it would be possible to be to utilize a lady and take tenderhearted goods and service in and link it to growth of an enterprise.

The employment rate which is a lady when the margin where a lady works spreads, UP, please, diversity also leads to economic growth and is born and also gets in touch with the profit in the company!
I hope that a lady is childbearing and the society which can keep working lengthily while taking care of.

The following describes "Broaden your view!"
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