About an environment label

Does everyone know anything as an environment label? Well, a lot of environment labels are used. For example you see being often written by such one, right? Goods gentle with the environment introduce these environment labels from 1989 in Japan as the one which is chosen and becomes the rule of thumb to be bought with priority. But there is a problem with this environment label. A consumer has low awareness to an environment label so that it may be understood when you'd see this figure, so it isn't possible to accomplish the original purpose. So you know about an environment label even a little by this page, and when it can deepen an idea further about an environmental issue, I'm happy. Then I'd like to introduce about an example in detail of an environment label right away.

Mark Greene.

You can use it (about investigation toilet paper and tissue paper, for 100% and xerographic paper, more than 40 %) more than 40 % in accordance with the principle of a wastepaper, be made and put it on the product. An FSC authentication system (forest authentication system) is 2 kinds of authentication system of "authentication of management of processing and the circulation process (CoC authentication)" to certify that appropriate forest administration is a wood and a wood product from the forest as which "authentication of forest administration (FM authentication)" and the forest administration which certify that it's performed were certified.

Recycling mark of corrugated cardboard

It shows that corrugated cardboard can be recycled. Worldwide logo. I think there is also something seen this so. But not to express it in only a mark, but sentences are added in the environment label. For example oil ink of vegetables. Left Mark is environment Mark and calls a right explanation an environment insistence explanation. I think you found out that there are many this various kinds of environment labels. There are also obligation indication but something it has to indicate certainly and an environment label it's possible to choose from which whether it isn't done whether it's indicated optionally but it's indicated in the environment label. That it's typical by obligation indication.

Distinction display mark

The material of the container wrapping material and an ingredient are being specified so that a consumer can be discreet in the resources by which revival is possible easily. There is something by which the respective marks were set as plastic container wrapping, an aluminum can, a steel can and a PET bottle including container wrapping made of paper. While its optional indication conversely.

Recycled paper use mark

I'm having for my object to plan for use promotion and demand augmentation of a wastepaper use product, and it can be used as the mark which indicates the old pulp and paper blending ratio. A number next to this shows the usage rate of the wastepaper, and a self-assertion label of an enterprise is included in this. The explanation about an environment label ends briefly with this, but there are still many environment labels which can't be introduced of course. Since would you like also to understand the meaning of the other environment labels and look the turn around by all means?