The medicine used for paper

There is only no pulp and paper is being made with the process with which paper is made using various medicine so that it may be understood when seeing the page which is with paper. I'd like to introduce the part of the medicine by this page. The size pill Raw material of the size pill: Rosin (resin) and starch It's used to stop a spread of ink. When we don't make this adherent, it's the feeling that ink spreads and looks like the Japanese writing paper used in calligraphy. One is soon and the acid size pill" separate and have 2 kinds big, and cause an acidity paper problem, so the size pill isn't used so much present. It's developed "neutral size" for the size pill of the mainstream to settle an acidity paper problem now. Most acidity paper problem is settled by this present. ※ Rosin: The natural resin extracted from a coniferous tree of a pine ※ Starch: There are various uses gap gluing of paper strength additive and corrugated cardboard, not the role as the size pill. Loading material Raw material of loading material: Calcium carbonate and talc etc. Loading material is the medicine which controls tendency to it will be slippery and the flexibility of the paper white and the paper outside. Even if paper of the dictionary is thin, it's done thanks to loading material that it isn't transparent. When the way to ascertain whether it's paper with loading material or the paper which isn't so is very easy, and ash will burn, and is left, no paper for which toilet paper and Japanese paper aren't using loading material and is almost left. Calcium carbonate is often used because blue reflectance factor is inexpensive highly. Dye Raw material of a dye: methyl and a violet. A dye is also called another name "the color charge" and is the medicine to which the color of the paper is adjusted as the name. The nature by which a dye tends to melt in water and oil, it's easy to sink in between the fiber and the fiber on rice cake paper. There is also something sun proof (thing of fading) becomes bad for which by a dye.