Ink of Inkjet printer

btraction mixture to express other colors by mixing three colors of ink of the cyan magenta yellow is used for an inkjet printer.
However, the black prints it using four kinds of ink of the cyan magenta yellow black with the general printer because consumptions of the ink increase when it is difficult to express complete black and expresses it by subtraction mixture more.
There is this thing equipped with the ink which is thinner than normal cyan magenta called light cyan and the light magenta other than four colors to improve quality of the expression with the high-quality model.
This reason why three colors are used for is because it was green, the cyan magenta that the color level that it is difficult to express it when I used the three primary colors is bright.
In addition, there are two kinds in a kind of the ink and is two kinds of ink of the color system and the ink of the dye system.
After having attached it for ink pigments going underwater, the color ink vaporizes water and fixes it on the paper.
color ink is superior in water resistance, lightfastness, and there is an advantage such as there being few changes of the color after the print,but,there is the fault such as the head which is hard to be over the luster that the drying that is vulnerable to friction is slow being easy to be clogged up.
There is the maker introducing transparent ink to give luster now.
The ink of the dye system acquires a color by letting a pigment soak into printed matter.
It is easy to appear, and luster is easy to dry, but on the other hand water resistance and lightfastness are low. The ink of the water system is suitable for print to liquid absorption material such as paper or the cloth, but is not suitable for printings such as plastic, the metal.
Therefore when make prints to these material; oil ink,UV curable ink which rigidifies ink by ultraviolet rays are exist.
When I make prints on paper using an inkjet printer, a phenomenon called the back omission that ink is usually blurred by paper and soaks to the backside may occur.
Therefore the maker develops and sells a thing called exclusive paper.
The coated paper which formed the coat layer which let ink adhere to exclusive paper using a macromolecule,and there is the coated paper which let luster last.
In addition, we apply the technique of the inkjet printer from print to cloth to the production of the circuit widely.