Problem false of ink

Does everybody know how much price ink used for a printer is?
It is approximately 5,000 yen with approximately one set.
May there be many people who thought of "Too High!"
Instead of holding down the price of printer body, many makers are going to produce profit in ink now.
So,such thing is happent.
It is non-genuine ink the third party fixes there, and to sell. Some quality is inferior, but a price is uneven and is cheap.
But please never use it because it causes the blocking of the head nozzle of the printer when you use such an ink and is out of the guarantee.
The maker side attaches ic tip to a cartridge as measures to such a non-pure article and manages the residual quantity of the ink, but it comes to sell a machine and refillable ink resetting the data of the this time tip, and it is the present conditions vicious circle followed by that is.