Thermal printer

Thermal printer is the printer which makes prints by heat and it is distributed between thermal printer and two of the heat transfer printer.
The thermal printer increases heat on special paper used for receipts called the thermal paper and prints it.
Because it do not use the ink, running cost gets off only with thermal paper, but is not used other than the specific uses such as receipts very much because the thermal paper does not face keeping it for a long time.
There are two kinds for a method to fix ink to a heat transfer printer and is two kinds of a heat fusion type, the sublimation type.
With the heat fusion type, it copy ink which can be melt by heat applied to an ink medium called the ink ribbon to printed matter in the heated head.
Because ink levels per one dot are not changed, it express the light and shade by the size of the dot and the density of the dot.
Because color ink is used, even print to common paper is superior in water resistance.
However, because you must repeat the same processes, it takes time, and the gap of the color becomes easy to occur when I make prints with plural colors.
With the sublimation type, I make prints to coated paper using the head that it heated sublimation-related dye ink applied to ink ribbon.
It can print it at picture that it can use for the print of the photograph because the sublimation type can regulate quantity of the ink every dot unlike a heat fusion type.
By relations using the dye ink, water resistance includes a difficulty, but deals with the recent thing by putting laminating processing for the surface.
However, because you must repeat the same processes when you print it with plural colors like a heat fusion type, time suffers, and exclusive coated paper is necessary, and there is the fault such as expenses increasing on a cost side because I use dye system ink.