Laser printer

A laser beam printer is the press which used a laser beam for exposure.
The color printing is possible, and high-speed print is contained in a possible class for an office, household use. It develop an image to make prints transmitted by a computer on the charged exposure body and change the voltage of the part by irradiating a laser beam.
It attach the powder including the color called the toner to the part that the voltage changed in static electric force, and it is copied on paper by a transcription roll with the voltage opposite to the image described in a voltage change in the exposure health.
It fix it by heat and the pressure of the fixation roller over paper, and print is finished.
When it perform color printing, it printed it in the thing that it repeat four colors four times and print it and do of the cyan magenta yellow black before, but methods to copy the toner of each color at a stretch now increase.
High speed, high-quality print are possible than an inkjet printer, but on the other hand there are many power consumption and quantity of generation, too.
Besides, the toner is more expensive than ink.(As for the cost per one piece, Laser printer is cheaper.)
Although it is not necessary to use an inkjet printer and the paper for exclusive use of the unlike, the paper that the surface is coated to fix it is unusable by heat.
Expendable supplies include a toner and the set of the exposure body with the laser beam printer, but are necessary in the share of the color to use about the color printer.
Because the price of expendable supplies is high, running cost may exceed body price like the ink of the inkjet printer when I change multiple expendable supplies when the main body is low-priced.
In addition, the exchange of parts is necessary in a fixed period of time, and a more large amount of expense may be necessary.