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We explain a cause of the poverty of the child here.

Why does the poor problem of the child happen?There are some causes, but includes "depauperation in the whole child care generation" mainly.

Does everybody know the word "working poor?"

It is called "the working poor". A working poor is people living on long working hours and an income with less than it of low wage, welfare.
Though they work, it becomes the secret labor problem that there are few incomes.

●Why does it increase?
Reasons include that a Japanese company reduces "a regular staff".

Because bubble economy collapses, and a company survives in protracted recession, it reduce the number of expensive regular staffs, and the personnel expenses which employed cheap part-time jobs can reduce the personnel expenses.

In addition, non-normalization advances in the public employees.Including a childcare person, the part-time service staffs in the local public entity of a public employee taking imminent public service rise to 700,000 people from 600,000, and one of three are for the estimation with the non-regular staff.

Source: "Current Status and Issues of non-regular employment", "Trends in regular employment and non-regular employment workers" (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) than ( created by processing the graph of /0000103648.pdf)

Then let's watch the operation situation of the one pro-household next.
People more than 80% work in the mother and child household, but the ratio of irregular employment becomes near 50%.The household income is considerably low and understands that it is the state of the working poor.

Source: "Heisei 23 year national mother-to-child household such as survey results Overview"
(Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) quoted from PDA file ( setai_h23 /dl / h23_28.pdf)

Serious"…That you who think how! It is never other people's affairs! Why don't your parent get laid off?
If you try to employment, employment in the second half of 30-year-old Ja difficult likely. Also for everyone, and it is by no means irrelevant world.


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