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There is "redistribution of the income" that is one of the causes of the poverty of the child here and explains it.

It is to pass part to the poor person from the income of a rich person economically, and to help with life.The collection method of the tax of Japan collects many sums from the rich person and company economically and collects a poor person and the sum that there is little management from the painful company.The tax is spent for various social security systems and, as a result, will support the life of poor people.

The country makes various systems to support a child care household.However, there is the problem in various ways, too…

■Example of the support system&Contents (as of 2015) 
 ■ Welfare
It pays the cost of living to people troubled with life depending on the degree and makes it free of medical expenses, educational expenses and guarantees minimum life and is a system to help independence.A home visit and an interview are carried out, and there is the examination of the receipt qualification and must meet a condition.
 ■ Children's allowance
It is a system to support the cost of living that it costs for a child.As for the children's allowance from 2012, graduation from junior high school becomes targeted for supply from 0 years old or more to live in Japan.Supply includes income restrictions.
 ■ Child dependency allowance
It is a medical treatment to be provided with for the children such as the one-parent families where parents are divorced and do it, and nurture is received only by one of father or mother from the local government.
 ■ Grant
It is necessary to confirm each receipt condition by the local government to be different, for example, one pro-families treat medical expenses furtherance system, Tokyo child upbringing; as for the housing allowances of a family of mother and child, the motherless family.
 ■ Health benefit, welfare medical expenses
For example, the medical expenses furtherance of infants and the compulsory education attendance at school child, an exemption of a national pension, the National Health Insurance.

Though there are these social security systems, why is it that the issue of poverty of the child worsens?It is "the reversal" of the poverty ratio to happen by redistribution of the income that the reasons include.


The burdens such as taxes becoming higher than assistance by public assistance to social security, and a poverty ratio rather becoming higher.In other words, by the assistance that it go for to check poverty, it raises a poverty ratio more.

Because "the lower-income class" with a little income has high ratio to pay a tax and pensions such as a consumption tax or the residence tax or a healthy premium for income, there becomes a little money to be usable for life.However, "upper-income group" is that there is more money to be left after a burden for the income than "the low-income person".The difference between such income and distribution of the burden causes the phenomenon called "the reversal" of the poverty ratio.

According to the document of the OECD, it is only Japan that a poverty ratio after the redistribution becomes higher than a poverty ratio before the redistribution….
Source: "2009 fiscal Culture, Sports, Science and Technology White Paper" (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) "level of investment in education and the current situation of the Chapter 1 household burden") to create than by processing the chart 1-1-7 graph. (※ Source of data OECD (2008) "GrowingUnequal?")(


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