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We explain it what kind of measures are taken for improvement of the poverty of the child here.

Increase in child-rearing allowance
(The contents of the December 2015 time)
The government from the next fiscal year, for being paid to single-parent home .
Child-rearing allowance is paid monthly up to 42,000 yen as a child fraction of a glance, but the second person is 5,000 yen, the third person after I was greatly reduced and by 3,000 yen. This 10,000 yen for 2 person, and by 6,000 yen to 3 or later a glance, we are considering the axis to be doubled, respectively.


Single-parent households and households Oigo such independence support project
In was held on October 19, 2015 "Children of the Future cheer National Movement founder conference", I was discussed for single-parent households and multi-family, etc. support project.
In order to support the independence, such as single-parent households and Oigo households, the development of local government one-stop window, the child's whereabouts development, child-rearing allowance, children of learning support and parent of qualification acquisition support, such as a combination of various measures effect This is the basis and support to go direction.


Poverty alleviation method of child
It was established in June 2013 the "Law on the promotion of children's poverty (child poverty Countermeasures Law)", and in December 2013, in the "needy independence support method" was established at the same time as the amendment life protection law, poverty learning support for families of children has been institutionalized.

-Basic Principles-
This law, so that no future of children is influenced by the environment, also as it is not that poverty is the chain beyond the generation, the law to achieve equal opportunity in education and the necessary environmental improvement.
However, this policy is at the center of "educational support" such as a child's learning support, measures aimed at elimination of poverty home was that it is not almost included. Therefore it measures the government has launched a new a thing of the next.


The children of the future support projects?
(The contents of the time in October 2015)

Living today children that will support tomorrow's Japan, in order to society able opened up positively challenge to the future and believe in your potential, all the children with the hope with each of the dream aim the realization of growing able society, it is a project by the government and public citizens cooperation.

In this project, the four support is done in order to save the poor families.

Education support From early childhood to higher education stage we will aim to reduce educational expenses unbroken.

Economic assistance And granular support depending living expenses and necessary expenditure to dependents.

Livelihood support Material from secure adults and children housing, mental challenges, we aim to overall solution to the problem.

Job assistance A single parent from mainly employment consultation promotion of re and vocational training to learn from, and help to total up employment opportunities acquired in consideration of the life work balance.

Also, it is listed a variety of information under the website. Source: Children of the future support the project home page(

Save the Children JAPAN
…Yahoo! JAPAN You can only donate to the shopping and the like.

Secondhand book donation・BOOK de KIFU
…The support to organizations that want to you can charity by simply sending a secondhand book · CD · DVD.

International support Promotion Committee "What you can do with your non supplies and donated goods."
…Money will take, but I can donate a possible collection unwanted items.

UNICEF fund-raising
…There are various support method from fundraising to join the event.

■NANA has tried to actually doing!

And go from UNICEF home page to page of "fund-raising and support", you can choose the UNICEF fund-raising and five other types of support method. This time we chose the UNICEF fund-raising. Convenience store or credit card, I can payment from the net banking.
I think it nice to able to feel free to fundraising at a convenience store. It also is one of the charm can donations from ¥ 1. Since 60 days from the application is capable of payment, you can go to when you say their convenience.

sumabo There is a life that could save by click.
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