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AndReflectionof thetourso far, let'sprepare forthe nexttour.

Though absolute povertyisa serioussituation, the causejustas complex, such as disputes betweenreligiousissues andnation, itresolvedIis difficult....

We see educationseemeddoabestmeansto get out ofpoverty! Iwant you tofocus onitssupport.

Childreneducationis notreceivedin the worldsothereis! We willdobecomewhatisnow...

Rather thanthinkingin thedo's Na...eachcountrypovertythroughout theworldis a problem, they foundthemeasuresconnected with themoreother countries, wewant tofundamentallysolve thepovertyofthe world...

Let's watch the world →Future forecast map

In the "Future prospective view", usingthe obtainedknowledge anddatato learn aboutchildpoverty, we willdraw aJapaneseformof thefuture.

The times of low birth high death Japan, which is becoming a small production multi-social. What problems arise and hopefully leave this situation does not improve, we will expect.
The growing social security expens By birth rate is reduced, the effect to the social security ...! ? The Japan of the time we become prime work, what kind of thing I wonder whether.
The future when we bear it For we do not regret when it becomes an adult, and I must change now. For the "future" of Japan, let's consider the "now".

In the nextbegins "the era of smallproduction multi-death" of the "Future prospective view"! Donotforgotten? So, Let's Go!


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