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We explain the need of the education in the world impoverished country here.

Do you know how many there is the child who cannot go to school in the world?
Childrenevenreachedschool agedo notgo toprimary school 約5,800万人
(By UNESCO EFA global monitoring report 2015)

Approximately one of six people of the world adult cannot read and write now.
There are the present conditions that education is not received only by it being said that it is war and poverty, a woman.In life to be troubled with drinking water and food, "the education" is a very important thing.

It is not at all the event of the far-off country.

It is not at all the event of the far-off country.Let's think about the cause and solution together.

Source:JICA(JICA EarthPlaza)
International EducationPracticeBook-Get to knowthe world! Thinkit! -p.19Appendix 1worldofenrollment rate (primary education)

The upper map separated world school attendance percentage by color.Of the preschool child is Asia southwestern in 37% in subSahara Desert Africa (the area that I surrounded with yellow south than the Sahara), 34%,13% are children of East Asia and the Oceania countries.

Most are concentrated in the poor country called developing countries.

The numbers of the child who stops it without continuing going until graduation even if they enter the elementary school in the area where school attendance percentage is low increase.

In addition, two-thirds of the person that education is not received is a woman.
In many developing countries, importance of the education of the girl is downplayed socially, and social discrimination may be repeated by a boy student and a teacher.

As for the tendency that girl education has been downplayed, the woman lowers firmly with 40% if she watches gender gap of the adult literacy rate whereas it is clear at a glance, and a man is 66% in the Southern Asia.


The reason not to be able to go even if children want to go to school is greatly distributed between three.

■Cause to fall into poverty

1.Non-maintenance of the educational institution
For example, there is not the teacher that there is not a school near, and there is little number of schools in the poor country and area, and there is not structure bringing up a teacher, and there is the place where there are few facilities of the place that the child can learn.

2.Problem at the home
They may have to appear without the parent who must help with family finance without money to go to school not letting you go to school, and being able to start educational expenses because a house is poor to help the work of the house for life, and to work.
In addition, there may be a parent thinking that the education is not necessary for a parent and a girl thinking that it would be better that we let you work if you let a child go to school.

3.Health and the peace and order
It is rolled up in war having serious illness, and they are sick and am easy to suffer on a hygiene side, and a disease gets heavy because there is not the hospital near and a school is destroyed in war and must evacuate as refugees, and there may be the child who is sometimes roped as a child soldier.

In addition, various problems are connected with each other complicatedly.

The negative chain by the poverty to be seen in the developing countries is a very big problem.

The state that there are few incomes continues without being brought up without being able to do the reading and writing, a calculation because education is not received, and working, and making you it.
Besides, education is not received the person and a child…A chain of the vicious circle = poverty continues.

It is thought that there is a big cause in there not being education that is the reading and writing, a calculation as for this negative linked basic problem.

It is not the laziness and personal inexertion to fall into the poor situation, and it is difficult to get away from the vicious circle by the personal effort when they fall into the poor situation once.

It is not the laziness and personal inexertion to fall into the poor situation, and it is difficult to get away from the vicious circle by the personal effort when they fall into the poor situation once.However, we can eat all the time if we give a technique to create food including agriculture and the fishery.We can wear a technique by receiving education.

A chain of the poverty is not only a thing in Japan.It is a more serious problem in the developing countries suffering from abject poverty.Japanese children that compulsory education is received are rather happy.


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