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We explain support from the world for the impoverished country here.

The reasonfor Japan tohelp, it does not justsay thatto helptherich countriesarepoor countries. Many thingsaround us, such as ourfood andresources such asoil, have beentransported fromdeveloping countries.

Because the ODA (ODA) of Japan participated in Colombo plan on October 6, 1954, it began. A population of approximately 6,700 million falls in the world, and approximately 1 billion people suffer from starvation and poverty soon.

Furthermore, toward the solution of these problems including the problem of the scale of the earth including environment and the AIDS problem, what they contribute to through ODA is the thing that is important as a member of the global community.

For Japan which depends on the import from the foreign countries for most of resources and food, it is connected to the profit of the Japanese country we help with the development of the developing country through ODA, and to connect with world stability peacefully.

It is necessary to help positively simply because a developing country is a Japanese world important partner.

In addition, the poverty becomes the cause that terrorism or the dispute are basic, and the problems that are common in such a developing countries include an outbreak of illness of AIDS.In addition, the poverty becomes the cause that terrorism or the dispute are basic, and the problems that are common in such a developing countries include an outbreak of illness of AIDS.

What Japan received help after the war from the countries of the world, and revived.The Tokaido Shinkansen and the Tomei Expressway were completed for the money that they borrowed from the World Bank!And what repaid all the money that Japan borrowed the thing of July, 1990.What postwar Japan recovers itself from poverty, and accomplished economic development must never forget that this is because, in fact, there was such much help!

Thatofassistanceto carry outthe purpose ofthe developmentofdeveloping countriesthe region is called the "ODA (official development assistance)." I thinkyoualsohave heardonceat schooland news. However, I think insurprisinglyfewpeople whoknowexactlywhat?

It is the thing whichisan acronymof the Official Development Assistance (ODA). Theonesgiven todeveloping countriesorinternational organizationsby the government, itis thatofcooperationbyfinancial and technicalofferto performinorder tohelp improvethe developmentand welfareof theeconomy and societyofdeveloping countries.

ActivitiesofODAwill bedivided into tworoughly. One issupportthroughinternational organizations (= multilateral cooperation) and onesupportfor Japan todirect (= bilateral assistance).
Tohelpteach③technologyto raise the②moneylend①money, there area variety of waysassuch.

Japan thinks about a necessary thing to a state and the development situation of the developing country and supports it.
In Japan, the amount of 10-year help from 1991 through 2000 was the first place of the world.
However, it come second next to the United States in 2001 and become the fifth place of the world next to the United States, the U.K. from 2007.
However, a country and the area where Japan helped by ODA so far are 185 countries, areas.In these countries, there are a lot of countries where Japan becomes the greatest help country for the country.

Japan supported many countries.Then let's watch it what kind of support is carried out in the world!

Support carried out in the world includes Millennium Development Goals.

The Millennium Development Goals, to integrate the international development goals adopted at major international conferences and summit which was held in the United Nations Millennium Declaration and 1990s, which was adopted at the UN Millennium Summit in 2000, are summarized as a common framework of one it is what was. When trying to help people who people around the world are in trouble mutually cooperate more, it was decided to eight goals by 2015.

  Let's lose a hungry person who is poor
  Let's go to the elementary school for children
  Let's get rid of the difference of the man and woman
  Let's protect baby and children
  Let's protect mother
  Let's prevent a disease
  We take good care of nature, and let's make a living better
  Let's help each other in all world

The government of the country which joins the United Nations to achieve this aim plays a key role, and a citizen's group, NGO, private enterprise cooperates now an international organization.

Looks issues that do children of poverty problem that has been addressed in the entire world. The proportion of people who suffer from poverty, is on the decline. However, still more than a quarter of the world's population is now also not be obtained sufficient income, can not buy food in a stable manner, I think I must not forget that it is a status quo that.

It is said that the policy that "there is" performed in Mexico which is the poverty ratio first place in an OECD member nation receives the evaluation that is high as a success example of the poverty reduction from the global community. We introduce the policy here!
Cash payment program with the condition

At first a condition in this policy is that the use of money paid by a low-income person is limited so that it is expended by education, the health of the child. Therefore the payment object is selected as mother taking the health of the family and is required to study the nourishment management to mother, and the payment is canceled if mother does not let a child go to school. Outside organizations such as NGО perform the effect of the policy and the inspection of problems, and they examine a remedy.
In other words, not a symptomatic treatment to distribute money to merely low-income person, and to relieve, it "is the cash payment program with the condition" that treat illness of the poverty from the origin.This program to work on personnel training to take the next generation on all over the country begins in 1997, and approximately a quarter of the population seems to become the recipient now.In 2009, the World Bank furnished it with 1,500 million dollars in acknowledgment of the effect of this policy.

The important point to understand from this policy will be a point to wrestle for personnel training carrying the next generation on not what merely give a merely poor person money all over the country.


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