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And Reflection of the tour so far, let's prepare to think Summit.

In 1990-2060, 64-year-old to 75 years of age or older population is increasing about 17 million people below but it is pretty bad situation I reduced more than 34 million people! ? I need to take action now in order to change the future.

You must be kidding…? What we the future is at the prime working in the so serious situation, I did not know! The paddle What we will suffer not to somehow ... !?

Poverty is I'm giving a lot of influence in the future .... I think I do not 's in this state! It would be what we can do is?

It's likely to say indispensable improvement of the declining birthrate and aging society in the poverty of the resolution. On the contrary, the future of the burden of children increases it 's in this state, and more look more serious likely it is ... This, it' s poverty problem is each other in complex relationships and other social issues ...

Future forecast map →Summit to consider

In the "think Summit", to leverage the knowledge we have learned until now, Japan or want to in any country, and are what I should do to in such a country Japan, everyone in the discussions with pool their opinion, concluded you.

Sitk summit of the poor child Members and discuss with you about the children of the poverty problem, mutually exchange ideas with each other.
Let's review a summit The contents of the summit, we will continue to check in with the things that have learned until now.
Let's put up the charter in the child future It is also the purpose of this site, and concluded or should I How to eliminate the poverty of children, will be announced as a charter.

The following is finally have'll Summit begins! Our country, Japan whether we want to in any country. 'S important opportunity to discuss it, it will Rinmo Kokoroshite. So, emergency admission!


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