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Let's imagine the future in Japan here.

We explained the future in Japan from a population problem, an aspect of the issue of social security, but how did you think until now? By the way!
"Is it a fault? Was there not the site about the issue of poverty of the child?"
Are there not many people who think so? In fact, the issue of poverty of the child greatly associates with the issue of population problem, social security!
Having a big influence on the future in Japan when I leave the issue of poverty of the child untouched…

Because a population decline of Japan advancing, and the times of low birth many death being anxious about and low birthrate and aging society advanced, it grew a social security budget and explained that the burdens on youth increased until now. When there was Japan when we became an adult in the very severe situation, would you have you feel it?
When the present conditions of the issue of poverty of the child are not solved, it is expected that it is in a more terrible condition!

Please remember the population pyramid which you explained in "the times of low birth many death". A generation in its prime decreased year by year and explained that the ratios of elderly person increased.

However, please consider the fact that "Japan is 16.3% relative poverty rate".

75歳以上 2,179万人
65~74歳 1,479万人
19歳以下 1,849万人

If one of six people is in poverty state in the generations in its prime in the future, people will receive some kind of public support, and people of 45% of remainder will support the share!

Then may it be going to improve the future in Japan to improve the poverty of the child?

If scholastic ability is not enough, and it cannot enter a school of higher grade in a full-time high school without being endowed with learning environment because of poverty, and it does dropout even if it enters a school of higher grade, it becomes difficult to take good work. It is necessary to be improved by a poverty state while it is early.

Benesse Education "Children of school-enrollment problems that cause poverty" of the Research Institute Forum
"Kids door Hen [Part II]"

To clarify the benefits of that break the poverty chain by learning support, there is also such estimates.

For example, you can not go on to high school, and that there are children that soon became the part-time workers after graduating from junior high school. Then also continued to unstable employment, started on welfare monthly ¥ 80,000 from the 40-year-old, when it became as it is to the age of 75, the total amount of welfare that the child is receiving in 35 years will also be 3,360 ten thousand yen you. On the other hand, it is possible that the same child to go on to high school educated support, then University after graduating if you are accustomed to regular employees of small and medium-sized enterprises, lifetime wages 200 million ¥ 60 million of its children, tax to fit a lifetime is 3,010 it is of up to million.

The difference is to become 6,370 ten thousand yen!

Source: Created in reference to Figure of Benesse Educational Research Institute, Special CO-BO "poverty is a child of school-enrollment problems that cause" forum Kids door Hen [Part II] (

When welfare begins to beneficiaries once, it is I quite difficult to get out from there. In addition, children of welfare recipients is likely to be welfare recipients, and I will cause poverty chain that.

  The improvement of poverty, including the cash benefit expansion to households, will be a variety of measures is needed. National policy, of course, school aid many local governments of the main businesses, such as, that the municipality is addressed in earnest it will think it is important.
To improve the child's poverty problem, not only save the poverty of children, the Japanese economy, and it will be to save the future!

Learn Tour'm up to here! Well hard work of per cent.  I wonder if was able to imagine their own, and the future of Japan?Well, soon you'll Ja like attached to the destination ... 's get off ready!


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