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How do I to solve the children of the poverty problem.
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That we thought that made this site
We have learned about the children of the poverty problem in the course of more than six months.
Then, as you know knowing about the children of poverty,
A sense of mission that should tell everyone came budding strongly.

That we are doing, it might mockery of just a Summit.
However, to have an image that society of their ideal becomes reality
I'm sure I think become our, and of Japan driving force.

Everyone also has their ideas, drawing an ideal,
Please have the image that you want to achieve it.
To change the society, to learn in such yourself, with your thoughts,
I think that it is necessary to have the power to properly transmitted to the others!

This site is we have seen so far,
An opportunity to learn from their own to you even a little
If the were able to make, I think sincerely pleased.


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