A country manages healthy upbringing of the child
・Using my number systems, a country manages the state of the child.
・A child is not abused or reaches a doctor properly, or a country checks whether education is received.
・When it have a problem, the parent is investigated.

Upbringing of "the pro-work"
・It make a parent an occupation and the country confirms whether a parent plays his/her part properly and pays "pro-medical treatment" (salary) to a parent.
・It perform "pro-education" to become a parent from the elementary school and change the consciousness for "the parent" fundamentally.
・It perform "the pro-education" to both sexes.
・We acquire knowledge and a practical skill to be necessary when we became a parent by "the pro-education".
・We really experience the practical skill and learn.(how to change diapers, the infant we let them stop crying coping of one, a disease and the injury, a dish)
・We give that it is a parent a sense of responsibility.
・Because the parent is an occupation, a country can confirm the use of the salary, and the parent is investigated when it have a problem.
・We use educational institutions, and a country and a district cooperate and fix the environment with neighboring eyes and neighboring connections so that a place of the child care does not become the unsociable environment.

It is possible by coexistence of child care and the work
・Coexistence of child care and the work seems to be enabled, and a woman improves the acting environment of the woman.
・A country prohibits the discrimination of women such as sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination and sends a watchdog to the company again.
・A country makes a system to get the side business surely and unifies the maternity leaves regardless of man and woman nationwide.

It promotes the political advance of the youth
・The media conjugates widely, and knowledge of the politics is got so that a youth can be interested in politics.
・It lower the franchise.
・It perform a practical class about the politics at school. (It perform sham election)