HARU:We make the society where all the children can be brought up without defeat in peaceAs for the child neglect and the death from hunger and the suicide by the poverty, absolute.

NANA: Even a one parent is stable in children and makes society brought up. Because half of the family of mother and child is in poverty state, the acting environment of the woman should be improved more.

RIKA:Because enacted environment fixes the child care while a woman works, a child lay it in peace, and the numbers of the child increase.

RIKA:The acting environment of the youth should be improved. I cannot have hope in the future that there are many an irregular worker and working poors. A youth in its prime paying a social security budget and a tax makes money well, and support a country and should be Japan which can spend the old age in peace when it became old.

HARU:They want us to make the society where a youth can have hope toward. Because the right to vote fell to 18 years old, they reduce the age of the eligibility for election because we can almost participate in politics and make a youth-centered political party speaking for the opinion of the youth.

NANA:Because a political party is a thing speaking for the opinion of the supporter, the opinion of the youth is made use of in politics. We must vote for politics with admiration well, too.

RIKA:Economy of Japan is restored and wants you to get over the present poverty problem of Japan. And I want to make strong Japan where a country suffering from abject poverty is helped.

NANA:The system which does not create the poverty of the child is necessary.

HARU:For a child can come of age in peace without being influenced by the environment of the parent, something like pension is necessary for a child. The money necessary for attending school and entrance into a school of higher grade is paid from the country. It is necessity to invest in the child who will support a country in the future.

RIKA:You should pay a salary to support "child care" to the child care household from the country. A country checks whether instead of paying a salary, parent make child care well, and a salary is not paid to a parent doing child neglect.

HARU:Using my number system, they should check whether child care is carried out well. Because a child has the number, we receive medical examination at a hospital or allow to go to school or to check it.

NANA:My number is brought into question with information leakage in various ways, but thinks that what is used for the welfare of the child is good.