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Words that refer to the movement of a fault, or the shake caused by it.

Earthquake Early Warning

The emergency earthquake bulletin predicts the scale of the earthquake and the epicenter by grasping the P wave at the time of the occurrence of the earthquake,
A system to announce several seconds to several tens of seconds before a big tremor (S wave) comes.


Apparatus to observe and record earthquake shaking.

seismic intensity

An indicator of the magnitude of earthquake shaking. There are ten steps in all.


A value indicating the magnitude of the earthquake.


Disaster caused by the occurrence of an earthquake. Major secondary disasters include fire, tsunami, liquefaction.

Earthquake directly under the capital

Great earthquake of direct type that is said to occur in Minami Kanto 1 county three prefectures.

Nankai Trough

A very big groove in the sea bottom of south Shikoku.

Nankai Trough Great Earthquake

A major earthquake that is said to occur in the Nankai Trough.

Earthquake directly under the capital

To return the broken or damaged things to their original condition.


A word pointing that once the one weakened gains momentum again.