[The Kamakura period(1192-1333)-Muromachi Period(1336-1573)]

The Kamakura Shougunete started by Minamotono Yoritomo was the period when a samurai class took the helm of state. A kariginu progressed which commoners wore as if the clothes showed samurai's background. And there ware a hitatare as samurai's normal clothes.

A kosode which was taken out a ceremonious mo and hakama showed as the clothes for women.

A corrupt society went on after the middle of muromachi period. it was the poorest term in Japanese history of the clothes. But the kimono which has been conveyed to today, namely a kosode, was born in the period as the single clothes.

A court noble class had gradually toppled from the end of Heian period, and it has fell at all after the Ouninno-ran. So it was dificult even to keep the clothes for aristocrats, and they became simmple. With this, it approached to the clothes for samurai class and commoners.



A samurai wearing a hitatare
A traveler wearing a tubo-shouzoku and mushi-darekinu
A woman wearing a kosode and kakeyu-maki
A court noble wearing a hitatare



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